A Grade Grange Hill Moments

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1. Gripper Stebson finally getting expelled. The bullying, extortion, racism and fighting had been going on for months.  I just wish Bullet Baxter hadn’t stopped Stewpot and his mates from giving him a kicking!
2.  The ‘Just Say No’ campaign.  I was about ten at the time and right at the start of the storyline I can remember saying to my Mum, ‘there’s something not right with Zammo’.  Next thing we knew, he was slumped in the back room of the arcade smacked up to his eyeballs.
3.  Danny Kendall’s death.  Everyone thought it was hilarious when he stole Bronson’s car, nobody saw his death coming.  It was a complete shock.
4.  Ziggy Greaves joining.  As a Scouser myself, it was great to see someone from Liverpool in a show as big as Grange Hill.  He made an instant impact, shoving Imelda into the pond.
5.  Jeremy Irving drowning.  Another shock.  He was a bit of a class clown and when he jumped into the pool and didn’t come back up everyone thought he was joking.  He wasn’t.
6.  Imelda and the Terrorhawks.  There had been naughty girls at Grange Hill before but there had never been a girl who was a bully before.  Imelda and her gang terrorised everybody in their own way, their most memorable attack being stuffing fibreglass down people’s backs.
7.  Robbie Wright becoming a football hooligan.  Cheeky, loveable, little Robbie Wright mixed with the wrong crowd and as it was the 1980′s, he obviously became a football hooligan.
8.  The Zammo/Jackie/Banksy storyline.  Zammo and Jackie were already in a ‘Romeo and Juliet’ type storyline being from different schools but when the schools merged Banksy was thrown into the mix.  Zammo eventually won the heart of Jackie and all was right with the world.
9.  Trevor Cleaver getting drunk.  Cleaver looked older than most Grange Hill pupils and was able to buy alcohol.  On one school trip to the Isle of Wight, he had a little bit too much to drink and ended up floating out to sea on a rubber ring.

10.  Ant Jones stowing away.  After Ant had left the school, Grange Hill went on a residential trip on a barge.  He managed to stow away undetected by the teachers until the last night of the trip after he gave himself up to stop Freddie ‘gassing himself’.  When the teachers realised he was there they had no choice but to send him home


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  1. mkw

    Robbie Wright football hooligan story was 1990

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