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Matt Backer, a very British American.

Matt Backer 1

We catch up with Matt Backer, guitarist with ABC.

A Ton of 80′s Goodness

Games_Without_Frontiers - Courtesy Wikipedia

The next 50 80′s tracks to listen to before you die.

The first of those must listen to 80′s Tracks

Those that follow us on Twitter may have noticed that we are sharing, what we believe to be, (in our humble opinion) the 1001 80′s tracks to listen to before you die. They are in no particular order as we are of the opinion they all deserve to have a fair hearing. Here we go more »

Skinhead, Rocker, Mod or Punk?

As I have matured (grown old) it has become easier to accept the wide range of music available on our diverse planet. The school days of scoffing at the menu of tunes enjoyed by others have long since disappeared down Acceptance Lane, which is a real shame. Mods,Rockers, Punks, Goths, Skinheads, Rockabillys  and New Romantics more »

How did we ever cope?

I have often thought about the great times of the innocent 80′s years and pondered on how we ever coped without the trappings of modern life that are available today. For starters commuting was much quieter, not filled with the ramblings of those on their mobile phones boasting about the previous evenings exploits, the disgruntled more »

In The Beginning…..

Hello all and welcome to the first of Hogs 80′s Blogs. I must confess that it has been a struggle to pick  (from a wide range) a topic to kick off with. Where better to start than how my love for everything 80′s was reignited. I was living in The Land of The Long White more »

It’s the Hog’s 80s Blog

Welcome to The Hog’s 80s Blog where your host The Hog espouses on all things 80s! I’ll be giving my thoughts on the music, 80s T.V.and Film, the personalities, the fashion, the trends and the events that shaped the 80s, and try to make my own small contribution to the greatest decade of them all. You can more »

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