20 Golden Spandau Ballet Tracks x2

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-Spandau_Ballet_-_Only_When_You_Leave - Courtesy Wikipedia



Here is The Spandau Ballet Top 20 from Rossella…

1 Through the barricades.

2 Lifeline.

3 Once more.

4 I’ll fly for you.

5 Round and round.

6 Gently.

7 Always in the back in my mind.

8 Only when you leave

9. Muscle bound.

10 With the pride.

11 Communication.

12 Code of Love

13 Chant n. one.

14 Revenge for love.

15 How many lies

16 A matter of time.

17 True.

18 Pleasure.

19 Nature of the beast.

20 Gold.


and from Simon…

Spandau_Gold - Courtesy Wikipedia

20. Gently, Swept & Matter Of Time & Highly Strung -just because 23 doesn’t go into 20!!
19. Lifeline -a proper catchy song, the 1st of the bands 4 UK singles from their best and biggest selling album, True.
18. Glow -Superb tune that never made it onto either of the original first two albums, has a mix of To Cut A Long Story/Chant No.1 feel to it., even had 12″ version of its own.
17. Chant No.1 (Don’t Need This Pressure On) -Bands first and possibly only dance anthem, superb.
16. To Cut A Long Story Short -surprised myself its so far down my list, but has to be there, the song that introduced the masses to Spandau Ballet!
15. Empty Spaces -one of bands last singles, it flopped, but still a quality ballad that shows how Gary’s personal life was reflected in his lyrics
14. Reformation -album track in the vain of the better Toys but for me, yet another stand out on Journey’s To Glory
13. Only When You Leave -Confirmed the band selling out to become a mainstream pop act, still the best song for imaginary drumming.
12. Gold -another stand out song thats been played to death but would still rival True as bands signature tune. How was it kept off no.1 by KC & The Sunshine Band!!?
11. How Many Lies -Band more commercially mainstream but Gary continued to write excellent songs. Even as Simon Mayo’s Record of the Week it still didn’t make top 30 though.
10. I’ll Fly For You -Summer ballad of 1984, another tune with great ’80′s memories.
9.  Toys -a punchy and powerful album track from Journey’s To Glory, Hadley’s voice, brilliant!
8.  Communication -The 12″ Picture Disc took pride of place in record collection and record played over and over, surprised it never wore out.
7.  The Freeze -personal favourite track and single from debut album, epitomised sound of THE new band’s arrival.
6.  Through The Barricades -great comeback single, which saw Gary writing about actual events, just can’t believe it never made into top 5 in UK Singles chart!
5.  Code of Love -another personal favourite album song from True and the great memories of being 18 in 1983
4.  She Loved Like Diamond -always felt like it was one verse to short as a single, but should have easily made top 40
3.  Instinction -superb Trevor Horn remixed single and my 7″ was another permanently on turn table (or record player!) Had an excellent video to.
2.  With The Pride -for me best track on Parade album, surprised never released as a single but made many an appearance as a filler live track mixed with a touch of Gold.
1.  True -Gary’s soulful song writing at its best, will forever be the bands signature tune. Many a smoochy moment on the dance floor to this. Surprisingly only UK no.1

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