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A Top Ten Fit for a Queen

Queen_&_David_Bowie_-_Under_Pressure - Courtesy Wikipedia

Vince Maple shares his Queen Top Ten

Life is full of tough choices, these are 10 of them.

M_kayleigh - Courtesy Wikipedia

@kencampion and @80slegends compare their favourite tracks from each year of the 1980s.

The Agony of Choice, seriously it was Agony

Cover-sun-big - Courtesy Wikipedia

In response to @kencampion, here is The 80s Hogs list of Favourite 80s Number 1′s.

Take one from each to make Ten

Amadeus_ - Courtesy Wikipedia

A Favourite Number 1 from each year of the 80s as seleced by @kencampion

A Level 42 Top 10 (and not the last)

Worldmachinelvl - Courtesy Wikipedia

Do you agree with this Level 42 Top 10, kindly submitted by @ShakeysMWShirts

Martin Gores’ Top Ten, Depeche Mode, 80′s Moments

Some_Great_Reward -Courtesy Wikipedia

Do you agree with @duffisian? Let us know if these are Mr Gores finest 80s (Depeche Mode) moments.

Absolute Beginner? Certainly Not

LetsDance - Courtesy Wikipedia

Our First David Bowie 80s Top Ten was kindly contributed by @duffisian

An 80s Top Ten from Iceland

If_I_Was - Courtesy Wikipedia

80slegends is proud to publish an 80s Top Ten from Iceland. Contributed by @Doddilitli

Two Top Tens, all the way from Brazil

Mystify_INXS - Courtesy Wikipedia

Our latest Top Tens have been provided by Diana da Cruz and Margareth Napoli from Brazil

A Unique 80s Top 10

Breathe_-_Hands_to_Heaven Courtesy - Wikipedia

A Top Ten of tracks you may of not heard.

80sLegends Poll

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